What Works Career Choices
Go with What Works: Career Choices & the 10-yearPlan
Quotes that validate the Career Choices curriculum

Dr. David Cash - Superintendent of the Santa Barbara
Unified School District
January 2014

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You may want to include some of these quotes in your proposals.

Nationally Acclaimed
Key to Dropout and Teen Pregnancy Prevention
Supports Academic Standards
A Wonderful Addition to English/Language Arts
The Ideal Springboard Curriculum for Tech-Prep/School-to-Work
Motivates Students
A Comprehensive Guidance Curriculum
Perfect for Academic Integration
Gender and Ethnic Fair
Vital for ALL students
"I would like for teachers, administrators, and stakeholders to understand the rigor that is involved in this course. This is not a 'fluff' course. This is a powerful course that causes students to think critically about themselves both now and in the future."

Beverly Strickland
Director of High School Programs
Duval County Schools
Jacksonville, Fla.
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