What Works Career Choices
Go with What Works: Career Choices & the 10-yearPlan

Perfect for Academic Integration

"Lifestyle Math is an excellent supplementary resource for math classes at all levels, including algebra, pre-algebra and basic skills."

        formerly the American Vocational Association

"I've seen other curriculums, but Career Choices is the most comprehensive and integrated. The typical response I hear is, 'I'm glad we're doing something real.'"

        Mike Blake
        English and Business Teacher
        Nevada Union High School
        Grass Valley, CA

"[Possibilities] is a most helpful approach to teaching 'required' literature.... The questions at the end of each selection were thought-provoking and stimulated the students to think critically."

        Stacy Raley
        Language Arts Teacher
        Louisville High School
        Louisville, GA

"[The curriculum is] multifaceted. I like how the students can see how math and language arts relate to career goals and problems.

        Barbara Sparks
        Career Prep Teacher
        Saranac High School
        Saranac, MI

"Lifestyle Math is great for applying math to real life situations: rent, buying homes, buying cars. It captured the kids because it was meaningful to them."

        Kevin Brickley
        Cook Inter-Tribal Council
        Anchorage, AK
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