What Works Career Choices
Go with What Works: Career Choices & the 10-yearPlan

Vital for ALL Students

"I found these materials adaptable to both my gifted and talented students and to my non-motivated students."

        Kathryn T. Harcum
        English Department Chair
        North Caroline High School
        Ridgely, MD

"Our only job as educators is to send good citizens prepared for work back to our communities. Nothing more, nothing less. This program is the curriculum core to do this."

        Todd J. Alles
        North Olmsted High School
        North Olmsted, OH

"One student talked another student (who had dropped out of school) into coming back because of what she learned in the Career Choices program."

        Tim Bridges
        Social Studies/Career Education Teacher
        Lanesville High School
        Lanesville, IN

"My students are 80% non-white minority students. The selections in Career Choices and Possibilities make them feel okay about themselves."

        Julie Vetica
        Language Arts Instructor
        Hargitt Middle School
        Norwalk, CA

"The first year, my biggest success was when students of different races found common ground and learned a language to talk to each other."

        Susan Henneberg
        English Department Chair
        Washoe High School
        Reno, NV

"These are great materials to learn more about your students while they are learning about themselves."

        Merideth Slusser
        Math Teacher
        Vermillion School
        Vermillion, OH
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