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Go with What Works: Career Choices & the 10-yearPlan

Writing a Grant? Evaluating Your Program's Impact?
We've got a tool to help you analyze program data and create a customized report!

Sample ReportOur team is here to support busy teachers and administrators in the pursuit of key student achievement and behavior data that may have been positively impacted by a course in which the Career Choices materials are used.

To help you document and share information demonstrating the role your Career Choices course has played in student success, we've developed this online tool to provide:
  • Guidelines for collecting pertinent data related to key dropout prevention and student achievement factors
  • References for rigorous evaluation methodology
  • An online tool that facilitates the creation of a complete summary report highlighting the impact of your Career Choices program/course on student learning and behavior
The resulting report can be a powerful part of your decision-making and planning process. And, by updating your information from one year to the next, you'll have a valuable resource for supporting:
  • Presentations to school boards, administrators, community partners, and faculty members
  • News releases to the press
  • Newsletters for students and parents
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