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Go with What Works: Career Choices & the 10-yearPlan
Since 1990, Academic Innovations has conducted annual surveys, interviews, and site visits with Career Choices programs around the country -- asking instructors and administrators to share both their successful and challenging experiences. Because Career Choices has been in use so long, with more than half a million students, we've learned a lot of important lessons from the schools with whom we've worked closely.

Because of this effort, we know what works and, probably more importantly, what doesn't. Our goal is to help you -- from the first day of class -- be successful. We want you to "hit the ground running" so every young person with whom you work will have the advantage of the lessons learned by other educators.

With that in mind, we developed the following rubric to help you assess whether or not your Career Choices program is being developed and implemented in a way that will dramatically lower the dropout rate at your school and prepare all students for a self-sufficient adulthood.

Schools that reach gold, silver, or bronze medal distinction using this scoring tool will be recognized by Academic Innovations and encouraged to seek media attention that will spotlight their exemplary programs.
  Dain Blanton
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