What Works Career Choices
Go with What Works: Career Choices & the 10-yearPlan

Motivates Students

"The reading of [Possibilities] was enjoyed by even the most difficult-to-engage students."

        Ellen Kamau
        English Teacher
        Waiakea High School
        Hilo, HI

"Many students told me that this was the first course that actually made sense to them."

        Sue Butler
        English Teacher
        Branford High School
        Branford, CT

"I had a female Hispanic student tell me that this class was the only reason she kept coming to school."

        Linda Paulson
        Language Arts Teacher/Equity Coordinator
        Central Junior High School
        Grafton, ND

"[The curriculum] engages students and can be applied to what is real in their life. I just started using the curriculum this quarter. I already love it...[the] kids are engaged."

        Sheryl Maguire
        English/Social Studies Teacher
        Broadmoor Technical School
        Shawnee Mission, KS

"Your books clearly provide practical, relevant, intriguing selections and activities that help stimulate the students' interests and hopes. If these materials don't stir young people's interests, I am in a quandary as to what will."

        Jack Eastham
        English Teacher
        Houston, TX

"The [young women] discovered who they are and established future goals, including opportunities to enable them to support themselves and their future families...[those] who never dreamed of higher education saw possibilities and opportunities. Many...were excited about 'going to college' and spoke of the decision with bright eyes."

        C. Sue Waldfogel Huff
        Administrative Assistant
        Career Exploration/Equity/Dropout
        Silverado High School
        Mission Viejo, CA

"Students were actually seeing that there is a purpose for being in school.... The Career Choices curriculum allows students to be more alive and alert, which is motivating and enjoyable to me."

        Doug Campbell
        Communications Teacher
        San Gabriel High School
        San Gabriel, CA
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