What Works Career Choices
Go with What Works: Career Choices & the 10-yearPlan

Supports Academic Standards

"Career Choices has helped those of us who have been asked to implement Tech Prep concepts into our classroom to legitimize it and maintain academic rigor."

        Liz Tinder
        English Teacher
        Muncie Southside High School
        Muncie, IN

"Overall, I feel the usage of these materials helped my students to see the relevance of English to their lives and...caused them to be more conscious of the quality of their assignments and the importance of doing well in school."

        Amy S. Heaton
        Applied Communications/Creative Writing Teacher
        Horn Lake High School
        Horn Lake, MS

"[T]he Possibilities text allowed them to experience an advanced selection of literature. Students at our level do not get challenged by the material; your program allowed us to challenge them."

        Jeanann Cazeau
        English Teacher
        Carl Sandburg High School
        Orland Park, IL
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