What Works Career Choices
Go with What Works: Career Choices & the 10-yearPlan

The Ideal Springboard Curriculum for Tech-Prep/School-to-Work

"Instructors, counselors and administrators were unanimous in their opinions. Career Choices is the most comprehensive and best organized curriculum designed to assist students in goal orientation and career selection that they have ever reviewed. Unlike many books, systems, or computer organized efforts, Career Choices approaches the topic from a personalized conceptual base and builds a cadre of skills through interactive activities that enables students to make a well based decision."

        Jim Campbell, Ph.D.
        Executive Director
        Delaware Tech Prep
        Recipient of Dale Parnell Outstanding Tech Prep Program Award

"Students need the skills employers most want; this gives them the opportunity to learn what is important for careers."
        Cynthia A. Givensr
        Teacher, Developmental English Communication Processes
        Central High School, Cheyenne, WY
"Near the end of the year when scheduling began for the following year, a few students realized they were not "people oriented" (human services) and chose other areas of study." (Referring to her Introduction to Human Services class, the first in a sequence of classes for the Human Services Technology career cluster).
        Joyce Harncane
        Teacher, Family and Consumer Science
        Bedford High School
        Bedford, PA

"Before we began the course, I couldn't get these learners to commit to any career plans. [By the end] they all enthusiastically chose three careers for research and one for job shadowing."
        Fern L. Doubline
        BEST Coordinator
        Lake Area Vocational and Technical School
        Camdenton, MO
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