What Works Career Choices
Go with What Works: Career Choices & the 10-yearPlan

A Comprehensive Guidance Curriculum

"Some students who thought they were `all set' upon graduation this year totally changed their minds. Although this was disconcerting for them, it showed them how they should properly make career choices and what considerations they should have. They will utilize the process throughout their lives."

    Julia S. Forbus, Occupational Specialist
    11th & 12th grades
    Career orientation/pregnant teens
    Ft. Pierce Westwood High School
    Ft. Pierce, FL

"[The curriculum] gave students good focus for the rest of their high school years and afterward.
    John Wolfe, Social Studies Teacher
    9th grade, Career Research
    Hardee Senior High School
    Wauchula, FL
"As students gained confidence in themselves and their decision-making abilities, they participated in debates on controversial social issues. This outcome of personal growth exhibited by this activity was very gratifying. Expressive language and leadership skills were utilized and improved, as well as providing the students with a feeling of competence and satisfaction in themselves."
    Wendy Hanslovan
    Guidance Counselor
    9th grade, Personal Development
    St. Mary's Area High School
    St. Marys, PA

"My students loved the Budget unit. It was definitely `an eye opening experience.' A lot of discussion was generated. I had as much fun as the students."
    Deborah M. Pruett, Guidance Counselor
    Rockbridget County High School
    Lexington, VA
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