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Why Not Invite a Loan Officer to Class?

That's what they did with great success at Waupun High School in Waupun, Wisconsin, reports Linda Wulf, chairperson of the Communications Department. Loan officers from local banks were brought in to take each class through the loan application process after students had chosen the house, car and occupation they would like to have (from the budget exercise in chapter four of Career Choices). Inevitably, some plans had to be revised. "Several students chose to buy homes priced at over $200,000," Wulf says, "and realized an annual salary of $18,000 couldn't buy that much."

The Waupun teachers also reported success in working closely with the school's two guidance counselors, who met with the classes once a month as a way to reach more students efficiently. Working as a team, counselors advised teachers on guidance issues and agreed to cover topics with which instructors felt less comfortable.

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