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Comprehensive Freshman Transition Course Worth a Look

Stephanie Born-Mathieu's three-part class in the business magnet, called "Ready, Set, Job," is required of all freshmen at Edison High School in Minneapolis, Minn. Students spend an entire year going through 12 weeks each of applied communication, keyboarding and career guidance which they must pass to graduate. The careers section uses the Career Choices texts.

The class was developed along specific guidelines provided by the Minneapolis Public Schools Vocational Education Department as a framework. Stephanie has the "Eight Keys to Employability" printed on a pocket sized card which every student carries as a reminder. They are: strong personal values, good problem-solving and decision-making skills, healthy relationships with other people, strong communication skills, task-related skills, work maturity, health and safety habits and commitment to the job.

"The Career Choices curriculum is the perfect resource for teaching these goals," according to Stephanie. "I go through the entire book, chapter by chapter as a way of driving home the eight points." Hers is a hard hitting, innovative and comprehensive program.

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