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Go with What Works: Career Choices & the 10-yearPlan - Technical Assistance
Technical Assistance Contractors & Experts
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Overview of Basic Package - Year One

After 20 years of experience with the Career Choices curriculum in thousands of schools, we can identify what is required to be successful in efforts to keep students in school, graduating, and moving forward in their post-secondary pursuits. In other words, we know what works and what doesn’t.
While we believe, in the majority of cases, that schools will want to contract for additional services, certified Technical Assistance Contractors* for the Career Choices curriculum will to provide, at a minimum, the following services for each of the schools or districts referred to them by Academic Innovations.  
*Independent consultants
Conference calls
  • Needs assessment – 4 hours
  • Teacher recruitment coaching – 2 hours
  • Monthly team meeting – 9 hours
Written report of recommended technical assistance plan, budget, and timeline

Individualized phone support/mentoring
- Up to 20 hours

On-site visitation – 5 days

  • 2-day implementation workshop (prior to start of course)
  • 1-day (during first semester)
    • Morning: My10yearplan.com® hands-on workshop
    • Afternoon: School-wide motivational orientation – What is a 10-year plan and why is it important for every student to have and use?
  • 1-day (after first semester)
    • Morning: Team meeting for course instructors
    • Afternoon: School-wide meeting – Advisories/academic coaching using the 10-year plan
  • 1-day (prior to year end)
    • Morning: Team wrap-up and assessment
    • Afternoon: Whole-school meeting – Updating the 10-year plan in grades 10, 11, and 12
Details of Basic Package - Year One

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