What Works Career Choices
Go with What Works: Career Choices & the 10-yearPlan

Success 101: The Indio Documentary

Cameras follow 9th grade students through one complete year of the Career Choices course.
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One Year Later

Revisit the students
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They Graduated!

Where are they headed?
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One Connection at a Time

Indio High School reverses poor academic track record
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  • "We wanted to do something about the school's academic culture starting with the freshman class. [In our second year,] we had a 38% drop in freshmen with 3 or more Fs, and GPAs went up 15%."
    ~Rudy Ramirez, Principal
  • "Freshman Seminar made me think that I could be somebody in life.”
    ~Jarrod, Student
  • "Success 101 is all about making relationships, all about making connections, all about setting students on a path to their next journey."
    ~Margo McCormick, Assistant Principal
Indio High School - Indio, California
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