What Works Career Choices
Go with What Works: Career Choices & the 10-yearPlan

From Clueless to Focused Documentary

Cameras follow 9th grade students through one complete year of the Career Choices course.
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Teacher Jessica Swift

Why Success 101 is the best course
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Teacher Kevin Griswold

Motivating special education students
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Silverado's Data

Curriculum impacts high school transition to small learning communities
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  • "Put your best teachers in this program. I would say to principals, 'You get your best teachers, you get your most enthusiastic teachers, and you get your teachers with life experience...and [this program] will skyrocket.'"
    ~ Kevin Griswold, Teacher
  • "Career Choices is so teacher-friendly in its organization. We knew there was no way our teachers would stumble with it and put it aside in the corner, because it's so easy to use."
    ~ Georgette Phillips, Small Learning Communities Coordinator
  • "Success 101 is a great class. It helps students see how much their parents sacrifice and how much money it takes to have a successful life."
    ~ Tim, Student
Silverado High School - Victorville, California
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