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McGavok High School

Nashville, TN

McGavock High School was recognized in 2010 as
one of Academic Innovations’ Gold Medal Schools

  McGavoch High School
  Sara Spanos, Paula Barkley, Bruce Jackson, Dawann Westbrook, and Paul Childress receiving their gold medal from Olympic Medalist Dain Blanton (center) at Focus on Freshmen 2010.
Principal:  Robbin Wall
Number of Students at McGavock:  Approx. 3000
Course Name:  Freshman Seminar
Lead Teacher:  Sara Spanos
Total Number of Course Instructors: 4
Course Type:  Required Elective for all freshmen
Course Length:  1 year - 180 hours of instruction
Students Enrolled in Course:  Approx. 840

According to course instructor Frances Mallard, one of the most successful exercises for students was “finding out that staying in school will give them more money.”  She says,  “Student[s] are in shock when they look at the budget and compare it to the money they hope to make.”  Ultimately, she felt they realized that, “… you might have to change your career to in order to take care of everything on your budget.”

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