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Tech Prep Hits Milestone in Delaware

As Delaware recently celebrated the enrollment of 2000 Tech Prep students, Executive Director Jim Campbell announced that the last five years have been challenging but extremely rewarding. Tech Prep is now in 14 of Delaware's 19 high school districts with 12 specific clusters and 120 operational classrooms.

Dr. Campbell added that the program has articulation agreements with not one, but three post secondary institutions: Delaware Technical and Community College, Delaware State College, and Wilmington College. The Tech Prep programs provide students with four years of sequential curriculum leading to an AAS degree, a B.S. degree, or transition to work.

Career Choices has been one of the counseling components to help Delaware students select the Tech Prep program best fitting their interests and talents. Following an in-service workshop in Delaware, Dr. Campbell stated, "Instructors, counselors and administrators were unanimous in their response. They agreed that Career Choices is the most comprehensive and best organized curriculum to assist students in goal orientation and career selection. Unlike many books, systems, or computer organized efforts, Career Choices approaches the topic from a personalized conceptual base and builds a cadre of skills through interactive activities that enable students to make sound decisions."

For more information about Delaware's innovative Tech Prep plan, contact our office.

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