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Minority Females Learn Self-Sufficiency in Mission Viejo, California

"My goal is to graduate from high school and go to Saddleback [College] and it won't be as complicated as I thought," wrote one young woman after completing a series of Career Choices seminars at Silverado High School in Mission Viejo, California. Administrative Assistant and Career Coordinator C. Sue Waldfogel, who directed the seminars, received funding through a self-sufficiency grant for minority females (Carl Perkins Act).

The grant "provided the opportunity for these young women to receive direction and intervention in their lives with a powerful program," says Waldfogel, who personally recruited each of the participating ninth through twelfth graders. "They discovered who they are and established future goals," Waldfogel says. "Much enlightenment occurred during the visit to Saddleback College. Women who never dreamed of higher education saw possibilities and opportunities." Other seminar participants reported: "I loved it." "I can survive and reach my goals." "I suggest that every girl at Silverado take this class."

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