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Innovative Assessment of Students' Progress

Madeline Noakes of Patrick Henry High School in San Diego, California has developed an innovative way to measure her students' growth during her semester-long "Introduction to Careers" class. During the first week of class, students complete, in writing, the Envisioning Your Future exercise on page 14 of the Career Choices text. Then, during the second week, as students are working on assignments, Madeline videotapes students reading or presenting their papers.

At the end of the course, she again videotapes students presenting their 10-Year Plan and their Mission Statement (pages 278-81). When the first video is compared with the second, Madeline reports the differences are astounding. Not only are the students more grounded in realistic expectations and plans by the end of the course, but even their demeanor and attitude have changed. The students present themselves in a more professional and serious fashion once they understand how critical a professional image is to their future success and satisfaction in life.

This project is one you might like to try. School Improvement Committees and School Boards would undoubtedly be interested in and impressed by seeing the results.

Madeline, a creative and dynamic educator, has shared some of her other exciting ideas with us.

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